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Medical Boarding*

A service fee of $25.00 per pig, per day will be added regular daily boarding day rate. (medical boarding cannot be discounted).



Medical Services - Fluid Administration, prescription administration, syringe-feeding, etc. during stay.

  • *Prescriptions and instructions for administration from your vet must be provided upon drop-off.


Food - included during their stay. Feedings are done twice daily. 

  • Morning feedings are for hay, pellet refill and freshening up the water bottles.
  • Evening feedings consist of fresh hay and a salad of 2-3 different veggies and occasionally some fruits. 

Housing - Private 8-square foot cage or larger (if available) on kiln-dried pine pellets. Fleece for skinny pigs, or upon request. 


Cleaning- Weekly cage cleaning top to bottom. 


Health Checks - incoming health checks are FREE and part of the boarding. 

Medical Boarding Service Fee per Day

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